Avengers 5

Aug. 2nd, 2015 10:24 pm
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He doesn't find out from Fury, or Hill, or even Natasha -- he finds out in a half-destroyed shawarma restaurant from Stark. Mid-conversation, mid-meal, haphazardly eating because there's still food in front of them.

"What?" he asks, to Natasha, who's gone still. Her leg muscles bunch up under his foot, her face cautious, and that's how he knows Stark isn't just -- isn't wrong.

"Clint," she says, and breathes. "Phil's -- Loki killed him."

He shoves back from the table, Stark and Rogers' voices a blur behind him. Maybe Rogers tries to follow, but no one actually does.

An abandoned mid-town, one night only.

He stands up, wiping the vomit off his mouth, and rests himself against the bus stop shelter. It's almost cold outside, and his eyes close.

19 years, and Coulson's just...

He didn't know.


Eventually, Natasha comes out first, and silently takes up watch by his shoulder. They don't speak, and the sound of the other Avengers talking as they come out is muffled like his hearing aids are miscalibrated.

He reaches up to touch one, then decides against it. Even if they are, he doesn't want to fix it.

Natasha catches it, though, and leans slightly against him, tilting her head towards him.

He shrugs her off, gently.

They keep watch on each other for the rest of the night.


hasthehighground: In SHIELD gear, looking serious and tired (Default)
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