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Jul. 30th, 2015 10:40 pm
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Clint is in his room for four and a half hours.

He begins by changing into the pajamas Bar gave him. He knows well enough, already, that he will not sleep. He props one of the pillows from the bed on the back of a chair, chooses a spot on the door, and watches it.

It's quiet here. He can think.

He breathes out. Fury will handle Rogers. Fury's point person for Ops is Coulson. Coulson has a personal relationship with Stark. Coulson's point person is Romanoff.

He doesn't have to worry about Banner not being on the Helicarrier.

As his brain quiets, he can feel the blue in his mind, unwrapping the relevant knowledge, the pieces of information he's never had the time to put together.

Clint breathes in.


It takes four hours before the thrumming under his skin is too much, and he stands. He stretches, slow but methodical, and uses the restroom.

On his way down the stairs, he returns the key and the pajamas. He picks up a few protein bars, just in case, and has another glass of water.

Then he leaves: he has an eyeball he needs to find before SHIELD does, and his boss needs his weapon.

Loki needs him -- who else could infiltrate the Helicarrier?


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