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The broad particulars of my Clint's backstory, for those who might know it. (It's relatively secret in parts, so if you're not Coulson-, Fury-, or Romanoff-mun, double check with me yeah?)

*Born in 1969, Missouri, to a mother who self-treated for chronic pain with various substances of varying legality and a father who paid for these + the rest of the family expenses by contract construction work and low-level contract killing.

*Is a survivor of childhood abuse, but neglect. Was mostly raised by the television, which is where he gets a lot of his current accent.

*Only did well in mathematics growing up; learned how to read, but never really progressed beyond a grade 4 reading level (his technical literacy is higher, now, but only because of his familiarity with the terminology).

*In his late elementary years (8-10), his father was caught, his mother deemed incapable of child care, and Clint taken into the foster care system.

*Despite having relatively good foster homes, Clint felt incredibly constrained by suddenly having house rules/etc., and got into a fair number of fights. When his mother died in a car wreck, about 18 months after he got transferred in, he ran away several times -- the successful time hooking up with a circus that spent most of its time in Latin America but the occasion stretch in English America.

*Lived with the circus until he was 17; from 14-17 was "The Amazing Hawkeye, World's Greatest Marksman".

*The circus was shady, and Clint knew it (unlike in comics); he was shady, too. Not a con artist, because he doesn't have the talent for it, but he'd do a fair number of things short of physically hurting people to make a quick buck. Some breaking & entering, etc.

*When Clint was 17, his long-term boyfriend of the time was injured as collateral damage in a drive-by shooting. Clint was very, very angry, that they hurt Ramón by "accident" (if he'd been killed on purpose, Clint would've been angry, but not as). He tracked and killed the perpetrators, Ramón found out & was understandably freaked out, and Clint left the circus once they were back in the States.

*Clint was lucky to end up in a homeless shelter with the funds to provide for him to pass his GED (highschool diploma exam), and the educational counsellor thought Clint was intelligent & should get a degree -- suggesting the army to expedite the degree process.

*Clint went into the military, and through his skill with the gun & mathematical talent & capacity to work well with others, ended up going to sniper school & joining the Rangers.

*Clint married Barbara 'Bobbi' Morse, a military cop & military brat in 1990, when he was 20 and she was 22, around the time she left the military to begin her studies in biochemistry. He had more time left.

*In 1993, Clint was involved in the Battle of Mogadishu, and lost much of his hearing (79 dB) due to unfortunate positioning relative to an explosion. He was disabled out of the military.

*Soon after, he was recruited by SHIELD & he and Bobbi got divorced because Clint is kind of an awful person when he is in emotional pain, and he also didn't actually ask his wife before joining this top-secret government organization.

*In 1995, he moved to the San Diego office of SHIELD. He has been there, as a sniper, auxiliary team-leader, securities expert, and inter-agency liasion with INTERPOL and the CIA ever since.
re: Romanoff

*In the early 2000s, he met Natasha Romanoff. That's a long story. Safe to say, they eventually became best friends.
*Clint and Nadine's marriage in Milliways is a cover; they do not consider themselves married, even though they legally are. (They were bored, and in Vegas, and thinking about what Coulson's expression would be if he found out. The only relevance of the marriage on their lives are the tax benefits, and also insurance papers.)

*As far as a relationship goes, they are best friends who occasionally have sex. Clint has sex with other people way more often than he does with Natasha Romanoff (not because he has smooth people skills. Because he hangs out in places where "so, do you want to have sex?" count as smooth people skills).


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